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A tragic 7.9 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal today. Rinpoches and our sangha are safe but hundreds have died and thousands have been injured and lost their homes and livelihoods, including our sangha's families as well as the many local Nepali community who have been supporting our lamas and monasteries for many years. It is time for us to act!

We are contacting everyone to start a fundraising campaign to support those in need. The immediate concern is of course first aid relief, however, after an earthquake there are not only the immediate needs of those injured, there are also concerns of food, water, shelter  and months of re-construction. A team of professionals and volunteers is being formed now and they will inform us what is needed specifically. In the meantime, we can begin by raising funds now! Let's put our compassion into action.

Please share this with your friends, family and colleagues. The situation in Nepal is rather serious and there are limited resources. Any help at all will greatly benefit the cause. 

Donations can be made here via PayPal.
Please indicate that the donation is for 'Disaster Relief'

For direct deposits please use the information below. 
Account Name: Chokgyur Lingpa Foundation Limited

Bank name: The Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd

Account number: 499-811826-838

Bank address: 1 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong

Swift code : HSBC HK HH HKH

Purpose: Disaster relief

Tel: +85263112269. 


The monks from Rinpoche's Pal Do-Ngak Nyida Mindrol Norbuling Monastery in Chapagaon are going to spend the night outdoors until it is safe to go back into the monastery

Photo credit: Pema Pawo

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